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  • Engineered transparent acrylic with detachable 24K gold-plated brass rod.

    Designed to sit across two fingers.

    The threaded rod-ends are designed to allow the wearer to attach/remove the piece from the fingers.

    Due to this unique clasp mechanism, the double ring fits a larger range of sizes.

    Dimensions: 60mm X 30mm X 12mm.

    SIZE GUIDE: One Size
    Inside ring diameter = 17mm smaller finger:19mm larger finger
    Australian/UK Ring Size = L 1/2:P
    Canada/US Ring Size = 6:7 3/4
    Italy = 13:17/18
    France = 52:56
    Japan = 12:17
    Hong Kong = 13:18

    *Easiest way to measure is by finding an existing ring that fits and measuring the inside diameter. If it's 17mm and under, the ring shall fit well.

    For more information please read Terms & Conditions.
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